Vitamin C Foods

Vitamin C Foods

Are you someone who doesn’t like consuming fruits and green veggies? Do you prefer to opt for only the fast foods like burgers and French fries and zingers? Do you have any idea how badly you have placed yourself in Harm’s way? Avoiding the consumption of fresh fruits and the green leafy vegetables would lead to Avitaminosis the most critical of them being Scurvy. Scurvy is something that results when you don’t ingest the required quantity of Vitamin C. This disease manifests in the form of swollen gums, cheeks, feet, toes, fingers, hands. Scurvy patients look abysmally pale, stay depressed most of the time, and are almost paralyzed. Eventually bleeding occurs from wounds, loss of teeth, opening of wounds and finally death. So if you don’t want to meet your doom in such a dreadful manner, you’d better take to consuming food rich in Vitamin C.

The amount of vitamins your body needs is determined by your age, lifestyle, gender, and weight, not necessarily in that order. Vitamin C is present in abundance in citrus fruits, in fact, its highest reserve is the kakadu fruit. If you take a glance around at the daily vegetables and fruits available to you, you will surprised to know that Vitamin C is present in the lemon, carrots, spinach, oranges, broccoli, tomatoes, cabbages, cauliflowers, strawberries. Consult with a nutritionist about your diet, and get to know whether your body is getting the adequate proportion of vitamins. If not, then you would have to start taking vitamin supplements. Again all these things have their pros and cons.

Broadly, Vitamins are classified into two types-water soluble and fat-soluble. Apart from vitamins A, D, E, and K no other vitamin is fat-soluble. Which means the flab in your body doesn’t store Vitamin C and consequently most Vitamin C pass out through your urine out of your body. In order to tackle this situation, you would need to regularly check that you are getting your 60-95 milligrams of Vitamin C each single day. What exactly does Vitamin C do?

The Importance of Vitamin C Foods

First and foremost, it strengthens the immunity system of our body, stops the activity of free radicals that could adversely alter your tissues and organs. Vitamin C purifies your blood, being an anti-oxidant. Proper uptake of Vitamin C ensures a prolonged lifespan since it retards the aging process. Or else you might fall prey to serious diseases like anemia.

Again, excess consumption of Vitamin C is not recommended. Over dosage might lead to formation of kidney stones, anemia, and diarrhea. Therefore, one should always take vitamin supplements only after they have consulted the doctor concerned.

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